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Plastics For Every Trade

Star Molded Plastics is a custom manufacturer of profile extrusion and injection molding.  Founded in 1984, we have provided prompt service, competitive pricing, quality, and unrivaled reliability.  From ordinary to intricate, our highly flexible production methods and equipment will service your needs.

Products and services

  • Commerical Plastic/Profile Extrusions/Injection Molding
    • Hangers Plastic Hangers of all types used in retail clothing, automobile mats, rugs, etc.
    • Shelf Tag/Label Holders used in grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail stores
    • Tubing/Piping used for domestic water systems, liquid food distribution
  • Medical Plastics and tubing
  • Specialty Plastics
  • Engineering/Die Fabrication
    • We can custom design parts to fit your need
    • Bring us your idea and our in-house engineer will cut you a die or design a mold custom built for your project