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Quality Control

construction punchlistAlways Looking Out- Star Molded Plastics employs plastic engineers to assist in determining material, stress/structure along with many other critical functions. Star also employs industrial designers to help in the design of your product along with fit and function. The whole process begins with our engineers drafting the product into a CAD system. We can then work with you on the design process.

Once the product is designed we convert our CAD drawings into CAM files for the machine shop work. Our machine shop consists of 3 mills, 3 lathes, many grinders and finishing machines along with an EDM machine. Our machine shop is capable of producing very intricate tooling for tubing, profile and injection molding. All design and manufacturing of tooling is a team effort utilizing the skills of die machinists, engineers, and production personnel.

We are committed to giving our customers the highest level of quality in every aspect of our processes. Every endeavor is made to incorporate our customers as an integral part of our quality process. All of our products are rigorously screened to ensure the utmost quality. Through leadership, innovation and teamwork we are dedicated to continually improve value to our customer through quality.